Prayer Answered

Prayer Answered

I ran into issues this past month.  I had two different community days turn me down.  The one was because I was sharing the gospel with people.  One person lied about what I said to them and complained.  I communicated with the township several times.  The first few communications were very negative on their part.  They told me that I could not ask personal questions.  I was told that I could not do the good person test.  I was also told that I could not share my religion with people.  I got in touch with First Liberty and they agreed to represent me.  These different organizations have to pick and choose who they represent.  They helped me communicate with the township so that they changed their minds and will allow me to have a booth again this year.  Many prayed that I would be able to have the booth.  God answered the prayers.  It did not get to the point where the township knew that I had gotten a lawyer.

The students on the college campuses deal with issues about their faith and worldview daily.  The students are shamed into keeping their Christian worldview to themselves either by other students or professors.  I have had students tell me that professors announce at the beginning of class the first day: "If you believe in God you are an idiot."  Another student told me that she tried to share the Christian worldview in a sociology class and other students told her she was ignorant for having that view and was shamed by the rest of the class.  Biology Professors teach Special Evolution showing that it is Scientific.  Then they transition to General Evolution as if Special Evolution proved General Evolution.  The fact is that Special Evolution is matting 2 wolves together and then matting specific pairs until you get a poodle.  Special Evolution you lose DNA to get from wolf to poodle.  In General Evolution you have to have new DNA information shows up so that you can go from a poodle to a cat.  The evidence is just not there, but the world uses evolution to say that God does not exist.  The issue is that there is no evidence to prove General Evolution.  Pray for the college students on the college campuses to be able to share Jesus and share the Christian Worldview.

I went down to the Kentucky Derby this month.  It was a great outreach.  I was able to share the gospel with tons of people.  I did end up walking over 17,000 steps each day and causing lots of pain in my feet.  I had to get cortisone shots this month to help with the pain.  I found out I have arthritis and bone spurs in my feet.  Please pray that the pain will go away.  I have changed my diet in hopes to turn this around.

We had a booth in West View this month.  I was able to share the gospel with the future mayor of the area.  We shared the gospel to many people during the day.  I was able to share the gospel with two Jehovah Witnesses.  They told me that they would not go to hell since they would just be burned up.  I took them to Luke 16 and asked them about the rich man being in Hell.  They did not have an answer.  They did throw me a few good questions that I am still looking up good answers to.  I always know what to study next by the questions that people ask that I don't have answers to.

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