Before you go onto the campus for the very first time you will want to do the following things.

1. Go onto the campus and find a location where you can meet with students. You will want to find a location where students can talk and do not have to be quiet.  A good location is normally where the students go to eat.  It should not be a buffet location where the students have to pay to get into that place.  

2. Go to the college website and find out when classes are starting, when do they have fall and spring breaks, when is the semester over.  You can normally find this by going to google and searching for the school name and academic schedule 2019-2020.

3.You will want to search the website to find out what you need to do so that you can become an official club on the college campus. Normally you can find this information by going to the Student Activities Offices.

4.Fill out your PAW so that you have a plan for the semester.  Please ask if you have any questions about going through this.

5. You want to create a flier that has the following information on it.

  • Name of the Club - CCN
  • Why are we meeting? Learning to Evangelize and make Disciples or Bible Study or Talking about Biblical views for current events are all good ideas.
  • Location for meeting
  • Date you are meeting
  • Time you will be meeting

6. Plan time that you can be on the campus a little extra the first week to ask students to Bible Study.

7. Find out what are the rules on campus for hanging up materials.  You will often be able to see what the rules are just by walking around.  There will be signs where other people have hung up posters.  You can see if there are places where non-approved Fliers can be hung up.

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