Many hear but few respond

Many hear but few respond

I always find it interesting that most see that Jesus paying the fine is good news.  They understand that they repent and trust Jesus they would go to heaven but most people want there to be some other way.  

Dan Joseph at IUP reads the Bible and wanted to know if he would get into heaven by his name being in the Bible.  I told him that his name had to be in the book of life.  I explained to him that his sin would stop his name from being in the book of life.  I explained that trusting Jesus dying on the cross for his sin and repenting of trusting in his own goodness would get him to heaven.   He did not want to trust in Jesus he wanted some other way.

Nee believed in re-carnation and thought everyone would go to heaven.  I asked her who would judge and she said God.  I said I do not think Buddhists believe in God.  I asked her what standard that she would get judged by since she thought there was no right or wrong.  I explained that everyone would be judged by God of the Bible by the 10 commandments. I explained that she would be guilty and God to hell.  I then explained Jesus on the cross.  She was grateful to hear the truth.

Talked to Ben.  He heard the gospel and understood it but he said he is always between the two of most things.  He said he did not like Hilary or Trump but he had to pick one.  I tried to explain to him that salvation is like insulin and not ice cream.  I asked him what his favorite ice cream was and he said Peanut Butter.  If I got all upset that you liked peanut butter ice cream you would think I was a freak.  He said I would call you one too.  If however I have diabetes and I think sugar will help me it would be reasonable that you would be upset with me because sugar will harm me and what I really need is insulin.

I told him that salvation is like insulin.  He needs righteousness and the only religion that can give that to him is Christianity.  Jesus paid he fine in full and there are not enough good deeds in the world that he can do to earn heaven.

I have setup a new ministry bag.  I have lots of great resources in my bag to give out to hurting people,  atheist, scientism believers and new believers.

Here is Alex sharing the gospel with Cole.  Cole received the gospel.  He stayed and listened to the gospel and continued conversation about God for a hour.  He also had Alex share the gospel with his girlfriend.  Please pray that God causes him to repent and put this faith in Jesus.

At Ohio Fire I talked with this young lady about God.  She thinks that God makes mistakes and does not think that God has any right to judge.  I went through many apologetic arguments but in the end she did not think that God was perfect.  She did not think that God had any right to judge.  She believed that the Bible was old and needed to be updated.   She did not think that the Bible spoke absolute truth when it comes to social issues.  

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