Repent and Witness 2015

  • Pray for CCN Campus Leaders

    Timothy is a Campus Leader in Virginia.  The college has made a rule that he can only witness in 3 places. He has to tell them 24 hours ahead of time that he will be coming to campus and what he will be doing. Tim is the nicest guy ever, sweet as can be and always smiling and a wonderful Christian. They placed him in a place where he will have to open air preach instead of witness. Please pray for him. Last year they would not let him invite students to Bible Study and would follow him around campus to make sure.

    Jenifer in Pittsburgh was holding Bible Study and teaching creation vs evolution.  The students left the Bible Study even though they are Christians they believe in evolution.  Ken Ham is right Genesis is under attack.  She has changed over to teaching students how to share the gospel for the rest of the semester.  Pray for the youth of the country to see truth.  

    As always we had many wonderful fruitful outreaches.  

    As a ministry we shared the gospel with thousands of young people this past month.  

    We always encourage others from our church to join us.  Here is Ryan's pastor out witnessing with him during outreach.  

    Indoors and outdoors we share the gospel.  When given a chance we share the gospel around our fellow Christians from our own churches so that they will be encouraged to go and share their faith.   They will see with a little bit of training they can share their faith too.  Here is Jenifer sharing the gospel at her churches outreach.

    Please pray for CCN.  We want to share share truth.  Pray for us to stand strong. 

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Repent and Witness 2015

CCN hosted two events in NYC in August.  Our yearly Leadership Summit is a wonderful time to bond for all of the Missionaries and the Board Members.  We had some wonderful training about inviting students to Bible Study, Creating Friendships on the Campus, how to address people dealing with abuse and how to prevent many kinds of abuse.  We went out witnessing when we were not in trainings and meetings.  The Lord allowed us to draw some huge crowds to hear the gospel during the Summit.  Praise Jesus! CCN is all about sharing the gospel.


We go out witnessing in the evening as well.  You would never guess that there would be that many people out and about, but it's New York City! There's always people out and about that need to hear the gospel.  Our time is always fruitful while ministering in the Big Apple!


Repent and Witness was our second event, which is open to those not with Christian Collegian Network.  This is one of our favorite events of the year.  We had 15 people attend this year, with the common goal of sharing the gospel.  

Our speakers this year were Pastor Andrew Rappaport and Dr. Anthony Silvestro. Pastor Rappaport spoke about Inductive Bible Study and Dr. Slivestro taught on Presuppositional Apologetics and Creation Science.  The teachings were amazing!  

While Repent and Witness is one of the most fun events of the year, it's also one of the most intense! 10+ hours of witnessing in places like Union Square, Battery Park, and Times Square can really take it's toll... but everyone loves it! The attendees learn so much and get to use everything they learn on the streets right away.  The speakers and Missionaries help everyone make it through the jam-packed 4-day event.  Repent and Witness is truly a missions trip on steroids.  CCN shares the gospel with hundreds of people at this event every year!

Everyone listed out goals that they wanted to accomplish.  Some wanted to proclaim the gospel open air for the first time.  


Here is Frank, a Pastor doing open air for the first time.  He said, "I have been in cage fights (MMA) and I was more afraid to open air than getting into the cage to fight!"  Frank trains up UFC fighters and took the time to teach us some self defense tactics (which we've not needed to use yet).

Others wanted to give out so many Bibles or give out a specific number of tracts. 


Andre loves to share the gospel.  He did a wonderful job in NYC Times Square sharing in a loving and fun way.

We spent a great deal of time in 1 -2 - 1 conversations.  Here Jake was able to have a long gospel conversation with a young man.

Our speakers did a wonderful job out witnessing on the streets as well.  Here is Dr. Silvestro drawing a crowd, late one night, using apologetics.

Pastor Rappaport always knows how to draw and keep a crowd.  He did a masterful job of sharing the gospel with these people.

We had many opportunities to share the gospel in NYC.  Here Dr. Silvestro and Jenifer take turns sharing the gospel with a man in Battery Park that was claiming to be an atheist (No such thing, Read Romans 1:18-22).


Tim gathered a crowd in Times Square. 

Amynah gathered a crowd as well in Times Square.  The women had been witnessed to earlier and the couple came back to hear the gospel again.  The gentleman wanted to go through the good person test too.


Cliff shared the gospel and answered questions of a heckler.  We pray for hecklers so that many more people will hear the gospel.


Thank You so much for partnering with us so that we can keep sharing the gospel! If you haven't partnered with us yet and the Lord has placed it upon your heart to do so, please visit our donation page. May God bless you!

PS - We had many other outreaches this month, outside of Repent and Witness, but due to space limitations, we'll just give you a teaser of what's to come...

Meet Edgar, a man who knew religious lingo, but not our Lord. The law of God did its work in humbling him, showing him his need for the Savior. After sharing the gospel with him, we prayed for him, and invited him to church. Edgar guaranteed us that we would see him in church, but whether he does or not, he heard the good news of Jesus Christ!


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