Repent And Witness Schedule

2016 RW Schedule CCHC
*Note: Schedule is subject to change. Your Team Leader will notify you of all changes. Weather may change our schedule and our witnessing locations.  Please be flexable with the times and locations.
Aug 4thAug 5thAug 6thAug 7thAug 8th
2pm -5pm7AM-7:30 AM7AM-7:30 AM7AM - 8AM7AM - 8AM
Get signed in and Find rooms and get setupMorning Devotions - AndreMorning Devotions - Frank MeyerPersonal DevotionsWake Up/Get Ready/Personal Devotional Time
Meet on bottom floor for Group Photo and to go to location Andrew is Speaking at.Meet on bottom floor for Group Photo and to go to location Andrew is Speaking at.
8:35:008:35:009AM  11AM
prayerprayerGraduation - in the LongeAll missionaries must be out of the rooms by 11am. Make sure the rooms are double checked for belongings. - Please give Cards to the front Desk.  All Dark Blue Sheets and towels go back to Jen as well as ones marked CCN.
9:05 AM9:00 AM10:00AM - 11:00AM11:01:00
Andrew SpeakingAndrew SpeakingChurch in the LoungeEveryone on their way home
5PM - 5:30PM11am-5pm11am-3pm12:00PM - 6:00PM 
Orientation - Bring Everything for witnessing at Times Square with you. Make sure you eat before you come to Orientation.Subway Preaching to Battery Park, Entrance to Statue of Liberty Ferry, and Staten Island Ferry. Open Air and 1-2-1 witnessing                 Eat lunch on your ownWashington Square  2 5th Ave #4, New York, NY  Eat Lunch on your ownGo to Union Square for witnessing. Lunch on your own.
5:30PM-6:00PM5:00PM - 6:00PM3:00-6:00PM6pm -7:30pm
PrayerDinner at BBQUnion SquareUnion Square  - Dinner BBQ's - 40 East 14th Street New York Ny 10003
6PM- 7PM6pm-10pm6-7pm8PM - 9PM
Open Air Overview - by AndrewTimes Square WitnessingDinner at Ray's PizzaSubway Preaching Back to CCHC if you want to go back early
7:00pm-10:30pm7pm-10pm8PM - 10pm
Witnessing in Times SquareLate Night Preaching Union SquareLate Night Preaching Union Square
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