Get Ready for an Exciting Week on Campus!

Excited CCN Members want to Rep N' Prep! 

Are you excited about what God is going to do through the CCN members this year to bring souls into His Kingdom?  Do you want to see more students become soul winning leaders on their campus? If so, then this is what you were waiting for!  Rep N’ Prep Week is an outreach to Christians, happening during the first week of classes of each semester, on every campus where CCN is located. It is an opportunity for every CCN member to represent Christ and the ministry, while preparing for a new semester. 

The goal? To encourage believers to join CCN, where they will learn to serve the Lord on their campus and give their college years to Christ and to expanding His Kingdom. 

"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest." Luke 10:2

Why Rep N’ Prep Week?  It’s a Family Thing! 

Rep N' Prep Week will take place during the first week of classes.  It is during this first week that most students will decide which organizations they would like to become involved in.  Of course, we want to make sure that all Christians see Christian Collegian Network as one of their choices.  

You can now sign up to participate in Rep N’ Prep Week on your campus!  We also encourage you to sign up to participate on a different campus, as well! Why? Well, because we are a family and we want support the work that is being done on other campuses by helping them reach other potential CCN members.   

How it Works

Think back for a second on how and why you joined CCN. Was it because a friend invited you? Was it because someone gave you a flyer?  Did you attend a CCN event?  Maybe you came to our table during a club fair?  The point is that, in one way or another, there was someone who was reaching out to you.  It is now your turn to give back by reaching out to other Christians in need of a ministry like ours.  

Sign up to participate below. The Campus Leader of the college or university that you want to participate on will contact you with more information. 

But, before you sign up, you must meet the following requirements: 

  1. You must be a CCN member. 

  2. You must participate in Rep N’ Prep Week on your own campus as a first priority. However, we strongly suggest that you also participate on another CCN campus.  Remember, it's a family thing! 

  3. Remember that the main focus of Rep N' Prep Week is to reach other Christians. 

  4. You must be on time and remain for the duration of the time for which you previously committed.  

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