Request a Speaker and/or Performance

Wake Up Your Sleepy Youth / Young Adult Group! 

Invite a CCN speaker or performer to your ministry and get your members on fire for Jesus and empowered to serve Him by learning how they can use their individual gifts, talents, and abilities to share their faith. We can also share about topics affecting youth today and how they can overcome them.

CCN College Student Leaders: 
  • can relate to your youth & young adult group 
  • are experienced soul-winners on AND off campus 
  • are experienced in sharing the Word of God 
  • use their various performance talents to share Jesus

*There is no cost to book a speaker from CCN. However, if the distance to travel to the teaching location is determined to be a significant distance, travel expenses may be required. We do request that a table is set aside, so that CCN can display information about the ministry, along with tracts and books for sale. Love offerings are also accepted.