Spiritual Truth to help the Blind See

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    Jen got a Call from a student at SRU.  She got to hear a story of a female SRU student that she had talked to a few times.  The young lady had heard the gospel while talking to Jen on campus.  She realized the evil in her homosexual relationship.  She repented and placed her trust in Jesus.  She started going to a good church during the summer.  She decided to go to a different college this year, so she would not be tempted by the LGBTQ culture at SRU.  We are so grateful to God.   Please pray for her.

    The First week in August I spent in NYC.  We had 2 days of training for the Campus Leaders and then several days of outreach.  We did many interesting outreaches on the subways.  We had several sinners anonymous meetings.   One gentlemen comes into the subway car thanking everyone for coming to the meeting.  He asks for people to give their testimony and then when no one does he gives his own.  Then he pleads with people again to stand up and give their testimony.  After a third plea one of us stands up and gives our testimony.  Here is a picture of me giving my testimony of coming to Christ.  Then two others stand up and give their testimony.  As you can see by the young lady here everyone is listening and surprised.    In the one location we did this others had almost been arrested for preaching the gospel a few days earlier and we had the same guards tell the complainers to sit and be quiet so that they could see all that would happen.    A little creativity can go a long way for finding a way to share the gospel.  Many people heard the gospel.

    The parks in NYC are a wonderful place to witness.  People go to the parks to interact with others.  We had many wonderful conversations.   These two had many questions and ended up talking to several Christians about Jesus.  Pray that God is changing their hearts.

    Hundreds of people heard the gospel via open air evangelism in the parks.  God drew several large crowds to hear the gospel throughout the week.  Some crowds gather because of apologetics like here.

    We gathered crowds using IQ tests and trivia as well.  Either way everyone heard a good gospel message.  What a wonderful week we had in NYC.

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Spiritual Truth to help the Blind See

Spiritually Blind


CCN helps the spiritually blind see the truth of God's Word.  We have spent the month sharing the gospel and training people up to go out and do the same.  


CCN Family Sharing the Gospel

At the Light up the square outreach in Cincinnati the crowd was at least half of the normal size for the outreach.  A CCN Campus Leaders daughter was a great helper though the outrach and handed out lots of tracts! She was a bit tired afterwards.  At CCN many times our families are just as onfire as our Campus Leaders.  


Students Learning About Biblical Christianity


At MCCC Cliff taught on "What makes a Group Non-Christian" with Anna and Cynthia. In this day and age it is important to heed the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Thess.5:21. Folks these are great CCN lessons. They not only are very informative but can help you swing ANY conversation into a gospel presentation.



Long Important Conversations about Faith

We talked to lots of people on the campuses in Nov.  My favorite conversation this month was with a young man at SRU.  He goes to a Bible study but told me that he was having issues with his faith.  He told me that he was having issues with his sin.  His issue with sin turned out to be due to his lack of belief; he was not sure he could believe in Jesus being God and the only way.  I spent a hour with him showing him how I had zero doubts that Jesus was the one true God and that there was a God.

I first started with the good person test.  I wanted to make sure that he had heard the gospel.  He wanted clarity about how forgiveness worked.  I explained that he would still sin and would not be perfect until he died.  I explained that the difference was jumping into a pool of sin or fighting against sin and not going places where he would be tempted.  He need to fight against sin.  This lead to a conversation about not being able to fight sin or not wanting to fight sin because he really did not believe.

I showed him that there was no way that he could use logic to argue against me unless there was an absolute God. Logic is immaterial, unchanging and always existed.  It would be impossible for logic to exist if everything was material, created, and random.

I showed him that he could not use science to argue against me unless God created everything.   Science relies on God.  If everything comes from random chance over time then things can change over time and so you cannot test things over and over again and expect the same result because they should change randomly.  Science teachers at the local school here in Shaler are actually teaching that there are no laws of Science, and they have this issue due to their world view.

Science is also based on observing, repeating and someone else confirming your results.  Who observed millions of years?   No one  did. Who repeated the test confirming millions of years?  No one. Who observed the Big Bang? No one did.  Who tested the Big Bang and did it over again and confirmed the results? No one did.  Who witnessed evolution? No one did!

Who witness the creation of the world? God witnessed creation.  He wrote it down in a history book called the Bible.  God created the world in 6 days.

He went on arguing with me.  I put down 4 leaves on the ground right in a row and I asked him if he came up to them would he say "Wow that happened randomly!" or would he wonder "Why did someone put them in that order?"  He said he would wonder why they were put in that order.  I told him his DNA was way more complex than a few leaves.  Why would he believe that his DNA would form any differently?

I asked him if he has ever gone to the library and asked for all the books that were created by random natural processes.  He smiled.  I told him there were none.  Information creation requires an creator.  I tried to explain to him about putting random data into a database and how much use it would be but he did not understand the reference.

We talked about the fact of morals and many other topics.

He kept going and I told him he was a like a man trying to argue against the fact of air while he was breathing it in and using it in his voice box to make sounds for his argument.   You are using logic that you can only have if there is a an absolute God, to say that there is no God.

The conversation ended with a hug and a grateful hand shake.  Please pray for this young man!


Sharing the gospel with everyone!


The "Good Person Test" shows people their need for the Savior, even a Pastor's daughter!

Sharing the Gospel at Abortion Clinics

CCN teamed up with Soul fishing ministries to speak up for the voiceless, and to share the message of Jesus Christ, and pass out 180 dvd"s/. God gave us favor with the group that were there. They heard the gospel



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