Start of a New Year

Start of a New Year


This semester is a wonderful success so far.  I have had outreaches each week on the campus.  I have also had booths at both Slippery Rock and in Butler this month.  Here is Josh a SRU student witnessing at the Butler Fall Festival.  We were able to minister to so many people at the booths.  I had women crying in my arms and telling me stories.  I had books that I was giving away and one of the ladies pulled out the same book and told me that it had ministered to her and she took another one for a friend.  

I witnessed to a Satanist at SRU on the Wednesday before the Slippery Rock Village Fest where I had a booth.  When I asked her if it concerned her to end up in hell she told me that Hell was her place.  I asked her if she would put her hand on a red hot burner for 5 minutes and she said no.  So I asked her why she would want to put her entire body into one.  She said she was a satanist but she was not stupid.  She said she would think about it.  She was at the Slippery Rock village Fest that Saturday and I was able to give her a Bigger tract that was called "The Terrors of Hell".  She goes to the Universalist Unitarian Church.  Please pray for her and everyone else that goes to her church.

 At both SRU and Pitt I spent most of the time using the IQ tests to take people through the gospel.  This was a great tool.  I was able to ask many Christians to Bible study at SRU.   We have 7 students coming to Bible Study at SRU this year.  The students are learning to share their faith.  Some are sharing their faith and coming to Bible Study with questions each week.


Using the IQ Test  I was able to ask many non-Christians to Bible Study at Pitt.  We are going to go through 20 Basic Beliefs of Christians at PITT.  I am very exited to go through this with the students.

I journeyed to Cincinnati this month for two reasons.  The first was to meet up with Carl Kerby so that he could take me through a Creation Tour at the Cincinnati Museum.  Carl Kerby's ministry is called "Reasons for Hope".  He was able to show me how to do a Creation Tour at a regular museum.  I was very excited about all I learned.   Anthony Silvestro joined me on the tour and will be writing up a training for CCN.  We hope that we will be able to train others to be able to do the same thing.

I also went to the University of Cincinnati to help minister on Campus.  I was intending to only do IQ tests and invite people to Bible Study but both days I gathered a crowd and ended up doing open air.  The second day I was by myself most of the day and had an other group of Open Air Evangelists about 50 feet behind me.  They had a crowd listening and I ended up with a large crowd as well.  I was not intending to have a large crowd but the group just kept getting bigger so I needed to speak louder so that everyone could hear.  Several of the students thanked me for the manor in which I shared the gospel and even gave me hugs.  Later one of the Campus Leaders from another ministry told Ryan that he liked what I had done.  We are hoping that will open doors for Ryan on that campus.

At University of Cincinnati when I asked is there any reason that you would not repent and put your faith in Jesus several told me that they could not think of a single reason.  A few made comments that they would take care of that right away.  Pray for all the students I talked to.  

I also was able to join Matt and Zane at IUP two times this month.  I was able to hand out lots of tracts and talked to many students.  

The next generation is often a very scary group to talk to.  Many do not believe in absolute morality.  They do not think murder, lying and stealing are wrong all of the time.  They have been corrupted by situational ethics.  These students are future Police officers, Lawyers, politicians  and Doctors.  Pray for these students and the future of the United States.


Thank You so much for helping to spend this time sharing the gospel!


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