Starting a Campus Ministry Check List

1. Talk to campus security to see where you can be

2. Talk to campus administration to see what has to happen to start a new campus group.

3. Talk to local churches to see which churches are good ones.  See if they would like to partner in campus ministry.   See if you can have CCN Saturdays there.  The monthly outreach should be a CCN Saturday that includes, worship, training , outreach and fellowship.  A local church is a good place to have this.  See if thy have any professors in their church that might help you become official on campus or students that would be interested.

4. Go to campus to see where you can have Bible Study.

5. Go to campus to see where you can witness.

6. Find places you can put up fliers

7. Ask people in your church to go to campus with you each week to pray and witness and just be with you to keep you accountable.

8. Go and Witness there ahead of time to get comfortable.

9. Fill out the PAW

10. Make a Flier to invite Students

11. Setup monthly outreach’s to invite the students to so you can train them up

12. Create a mail chimp account so you can add student email addresses to this list so you can send out weekly reminders.

13. Update your blog so that you can invite students to Bible Study.

14. Ask students in your church to join you on campus and help you invite students to Bible Study.  Students attract students

15. Add your outreaches to your outreach calendar.

16. Invite non CCN people to your monthly CCN Outreaches.

17. Ask others at your church to join you on the college campus for outreach and bible study.

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