Stationary vs. On the Move

Stationary vs. On the Move

By Dennis Miranda

Since handing out tracts and witnessing at Pitt over the past several months I've learned there are two types of people: those who are stationary and those on the move.

It's much easier I've found to engage in conversation with someone who is waiting at a bus stop rather than someone who is late for class or in a rush to go somewhere. Regardless of the situation, however, this mustn't preclude us from making the most of every opportunity to reach the lost.

For those in the former category who are willing to talk you can be sure to have at least a good three to five minutes of uninterrupted dialogue and share a gospel tract before their bus arrives. This may be just enough time to plant a seed that will one day take root and grow in Christ.

But for those who fall in the latter category and don't seem to have the time, let alone to stop and talk with an annoying evangelist, it can be a bit tricky. It will require us no doubt to be quick on our feet.

Most people who are in a rush will sometimes politely decline your initial offer of a gospel tract and say something like "No, thanks. Im good". Don't be discouraged but use it instead as an opportunity to engage. Respond by saying, "Are you a good person?" Ensure that your tone is inquisitive when doing so.

If you are successful in hooking a passing "fish" keep your spiel to a minimum. Remember, you don't have much time.

Next, you'll want to ask the person if they've  ever told a lie. Either they'll confess right away or mull it over in their head for a bit. Either way you've still got their attention.

Time being of the essence you'll want to ditch the questions and deliver at least two statements about the spiritual nature of the Law. For example, say something like "The Bible says that if you hate in your heart you are a murderer and if you look with lust you are an adulterer".

It's important to remember that whenever speaking truth statements such as these to the person opposite us that we do so with gentleness and respect. Even unbelievers will acknowledge your kindness regardless if they find your message offensive.

Nevertheless, before you release this catch back into wild remind them that they will have to face God on Judgment day and they will go to hell for violating His Law.

With great love and concern for the eternal well-being of their soul be sure to close by saying "You don't want to go to hell do you? Then repent and place your trust in Jesus Christ today."

All the while be sure to maintain good eye contact while ensuring your tone resembles that of a loving parent or caring sibling.

Remember, most of these students are far away from home, many for the first time. They could certainly use to hear a friendly voice crying out in the wilderness.

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