Student Missionaries

Gaining Missionary Experience While in College 

The CCN Student Missionary Program offers hands-on training in ministry and accountability to currently enrolled college students. Students, who participate in the program obtain missionary experience while still in college and thus grow in their faith, maturity, and Christ-like love for others.

A Student Missionary is a Member, who attends a CCN campus fellowship, and makes a commitment to assist in building a nearby CCN campus fellowship, called a mission fellowship, by committing to laboring there on a weekly basis alongside a Campus Leader.

The Campus Leader of the mission fellowship in turn commits to training up the Student Missionary in all things pertaining to campus ministry, as well as recommending him or her for future opportunities, such as internships, Campus Leadership, and Mentorship.



A CCN Student Missionary commits to: 

  • Attending the weekly trainings.
  • Continuing to labor and build their CCN home fellowship.
  • Building a new CCN fellowship alongside a Campus Leader on a weekly basis.
  • Evangelizing the campus.
  • Assisting with the discipleship of new believers.
  • Taking new members by the hand to show them how to evangelize.
  • Building beneficial, ministry-based relationships. 
  • Helping to organize and carry out fellowships and events.



  • Must be a Member on a CCN fellowship.
  • Must be recommended by their current Campus Leader at their home fellowship

Application Process: 

  • Signed Student_Missionary_Agreement.docx- Print, read, sign and submit to CCN leadership. 
  • Recommendation given from former Campus Leader, where applicant was a student. Interview with President and Campus Leader under whom the applicant will be laboring. 


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"Serving as a Student Missionary at Ramapo College of New Jersey has enabled me to do missionary work right at home. I did not have to travel to a faraway place to fulfill the calling that God has on my life. It is also a blessing to sow into the lives of others and to see them grow in Christ. Seeing their growth has revealed to me that all of us can make a change if you take the time to encourage others in their faith. I thank God that CCN has truly trained me and prepared me to minister to others. This opportunity has allowed me to give back, based on the mercies God that has poured out on my life. I would not have done it without his grace."