Students sharing the Gospel

Students sharing the Gospel

CCN exists to train up its students to go out and share the gospel.  This month one of my students shared the gospel with another Pitt student.   The new college student at Pitt joined us at Bible Study.  He was headed home for Thanksgiving later that day and could not wait to ask his Grandmother for a Bible.  I asked him if he wanted one and he did and so I gave him a Bible.  He was so excited about joining us for Bible Study that we are going to have Bible Study the week of finals.  I pray that he reads his Bible the entire way home to Philadelphia.

I finished teaching through John Frames book "Apologetics to the Glory of God."  We learned all about Presupposition Apologetics.   The students now know how to show others that Christianity is the best option because it resembles reality.  We learned about many different ways to show that the God of the Bible and specifically Chrisitan God is the only logical God.  The students discovered that you cannot have logic or morality outside of the Christian Worldview.  It was powerful to show the students that all other world views do not have legs to stand on.

We handed out tracts at the Veterans Day parade this year.  They changed the parade to be on a Saturday and so we were able to participate this year.  Thousands of tracts were handed out easily.  We handed out a post card tract and used the phrase "Thank a Veteran." 

We also handed out tracts at the Christmas Parade in downtown Pittsburgh.  We handed out Christmas Postcards at this parade.  The Christmas postcards were very easy to handout.  We handed out the same tract last year.  People were very excited to recieve the tract.

As always I am able to speak to many students about the gospel at both Pitt and Slippery Rock each week.  This month I had several second conversations with people.  A young man named Ben who is a Buddhist came up to talk with me a second time.  I talked to him about a month ago and then this past week he walked right up to me so we could talk some more.  It was a great second conversation.  We talked about the fact that if it was natural for people to die then why was it so upsetting that they died.  I explained to him that we were wired to live forever and not meant to die.  We were made in God's image.  He really understood and said that resinated with him.  Pray for Ben.


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