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    New Year, same mission field:
    The College Campus


    Pray for Caitlyn. She may be walking away, but she's walking away after stopping to hear the gospel message. She said it made sense to her, and that's the best thing to hear from a busy college student: that the gospel made sense. Because of faithful CCN witnesses at the University of Pittsburgh, Caitlyn heard the truth.

    A bus stop is a great place for gospel conversations. Here, Andre is leading two young souls to
    the knowledge of the truth, while a fellow believer stands by to watch and learn. CCN's goal is to not only share the truth of the gospel to unbelievers, but to also trains believers on how to be bold in sharing.

    Can you spot the Christian in this photo? It's easy, follow the gospel tract. One of the best things
    you can do on college campuses (and anywhere else) is to carry thought-provoking-gospel-filled
    gospel tracts. It's great for students who are in a hurry to get to class-they can read it on the way there. And most times, they'll stop to ask for more info-which leads to great conversations like this one.


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