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  • Bible, Boldness, and a Bridge


    What does it take for a student to get up and read scripture to an audience?
    A boldness that only comes from strength in Christ! Sometimes it is hard
    to find the words to preach, but if you have a Bible, you have all the words
    you'll ever need.


    What is one of the best things that students love about CCN? Being able
    to study The Word, learn about apologetics, and receive encouragement
    from fellow believers on campus.


    Jenifer is sounded by teens with receptive ears. As she lays out the gospel
    they're left to consider the things of eternity. If they have received a gospel
    tract, they'll be reminded of the conversation again. Teens have questions
    and we have the answers. We only need to share them.

    Christ bridged the gap between sinful man and a holy God.
    As these sports fans travel across the bridge, a CCN missionary is there
    to point them to the cross of the Savior who died and rose again.

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