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  • Reason Rally 2016

    CCN missionaries hit the streets to share the gospel in the historic

    city of Washington D.C. Here, Amynah shares with a group of teenagers

    that were highly receptive. She challenged them to search the scriptures

    to see if what she said was true.

    Josh, a CCN student, witnessed to a man who was more than willing to stop

    and listen. It was an encouraging conversation. But how did it start

    Josh handed the man a gospel tract, and it opened to the door to conversation. 

    Jenifer gave this young woman, and many others, a gospel tract. It's amazing

    how seeds of truth are planted in the minds of the readers from such tiny

    pieces of paper. Jenifer doesn't stop at tracts, she's willing to walk alongside 

    passersby and share the gospel in whatever time she has their attention. 

    At the Reason Rally, CCN missionaries were able to witness to dozens of 

    professing atheists attending the rally. Here, Andre is handing out tracts, 

    with the Lincoln Memorial in sight. He is wearing a thought-provoking t-shirt 

    entitled, "," which attracted curiosity, for sure. Even t-shirts 

    can lead to conversation. 

    Cliff handed this woman a free copy of Ray Comfort's new book, "When Pigs Fly."

    Giving out free books is also a good way to spark spiritual conversations. 

    People often wonder why Christians give things out for free, so we can use it

    as an opportunity to share the free gift of eternal life. 

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