Weekend Outreaches

Off-Campus Outreaches

Students are taught how to share their faith both on and off campus. In CCN, evangelism is stressed as a lifestyle: follow Christ’s holy, loving example in how He lived and how He shared the gospel – proactively, boldly, and compassionately.

There are a variety of CCN Weekend Outreaches: 

  • General Weekend Outreaches – Local evangelizing one-to-one, handing out tracts and open-air preaching in populated areas, including street corners, urban areas, subways, malls, witnessing booths, sporting events, parades etc.
  • Feeding those in Need – Some outreaches include packing lunches and giving them away during witnessing and preaching.
  • Caroling and Hymn Singing - During the Christmas season, some outreaches include caroling. However, oftentimes, hymns are sung during outreaches including open-air preaching.

Where are CCN Weekend Outreaches?

CCN fellowships are located in different states. To learn when and where outreaches are being held, visit the blog of the CCN campus fellowship in your area by visiting our CCN Campus Chapter’s section

Or you can look at our Outreach Pages:

Greater Cinncinati Area Outreach

Northern Kentucky Outreach

NY Triboro Area Outreach

Metro Philly Outreach

Greater Pittsburgh Area Outreach

Greater Portsmouth Area Outreach




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