What a Student said about my training up students to share the gospel

What a Student said about my training up students to share the gospel

I received the following text from a Christian Student at SRU that does not go to my Bible Study but I have talked to many times on campus.  

"I met someone who attends your bible study and I thought he was really awesome. He joined in on a conversation I was having with a freind about Jesus and was really great. I love how he tested my doctrine and what I believe in a loving and gracious way. I was texting you because your ministry should be proud of a capable believer who is able to give the gospel effectively and also test the salvation of a believer in a way that shows love."

I love that I get to train up students to go out and share the gospel.  It was so encouraging to hear from a student from another college ministry that appreciated what I taught the students of CCN.  

It is always so exciting to see my students go out and share the gospel with others as well.  We obey the great commission.  Here is Travis sharing the gospel with a fellow student.

I was able to go to NYC this month and spent almost every waking moment sharing the gospel.  It was wonderful.  I talked to a women named Linda.  He husband had left her for another women.  The other women was telling her terrible things and she did not know how she was going to make it through such a terrible time.  I gave her truth.  I shared the gospel with her.  I explained she was made in the image of God and that her value does not come from the love or lack of love from others but in the fact that she is made in the image of God.  I prayed for her and her situation.  She hugged me and thanked me for my time.  Please pray for Linda.

This gentleman heard the gospel and agreed with it.  He was unwilling to repent of sin.  He is homosexual and has made a god in his own image that is good with his sin.  The god he made up is ok with homosexuality.  I explained to him that this is breaking the second commandment.  He had made an idol a god that does not exist.  He refused to believe what I said.  Please pray that he repents and places his faith in Jesus.  He likes the gospel but he does not like the Jesus of the Bible.  Unless he repents he will not end up in heaven.  Please pray for him.

Just like every year we handed out tracts at the parade.  My little cousin joined us in handing out tracts.  Here she is sharing her faith.

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