Ambassador for Christ

Ambassador for Christ

We do not have to earn the right to tell people about Jesus. The gospel is the greatest news of all time. It is wrong to wait to tell people about the good news of the gospel. There is no Bible verse that says that we have earned the right to tell people about how to get right with God. Christians are ambassadors for Christ. Jesus has all authority and he commanded us to go into all the work and preach the gospel. God created everything and he does not have to earn the right to be heard. We tell people about Jesus. People cannot be saved unless they hear the gospel and God uses us to tell people about the gospel.

If we were on the Titanic and a person saved us and we were alive because of that person. Would you have to wait to get to know someone to tell them about the person that saved you from dying on the Titanic? No you would probably begin conversations’ with people by telling them how you were saved.

I start conversations and build relationships with people by starting with a conversation about the God who saved me from my sins.

I had a wonderful time witnessing at Penn State with Zane. We handed out tons of tracts and talked to as many people as we could. Zane told me he wanted to get into a conversation with someone so I asked people to ask Zane hard questions. He turned red but talked a person. It is always wonderful to have someone else to go with you to share the gospel. Please pray that I find a partner to join me in witnessing at SRU.

Zane and Matt joined me and Laura at Pitt one day this month as well. We had lots of great conversations with students. It is so easy to start up a conversation with tracts. You hand it to a person and ask "If you died today would you go to heaven or hell?" They tell you where and you ask why. They will tell you what their righteousness is that gets them to heaven or why they are not a good person. This is an easy way to get into very deep conversations.

We enjoyed First Night in downtown Pittsburgh handing out tracts and talking to people. It is a family environment where people are just walking about to see what there is to see. Most people are willing to stop and talk. We just smile and say Happy New Year and give a tract that asks what their New Year’s Resolution will be. The greatest resolution is to have peace with God.

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