Wonderful month of Ministry

Wonderful month of Ministry

St Patricks Day Parades

We handed out thousands of tracts in both Pittsburgh and Cinninati at the St Patricks day Parades.



 We were invited to teach a biblical evangelism Crash Course at: Victory Christian Life Center in Pottstown. We show a few videos of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron during the course. 



Ryan was recently invited by a university in Cincinnati to attend their Communications Internship Fair on behalf of Witness Radio and Christian Collegian Network (CCN). We've never done anything like this before, and actually just started being able to offer internships.

With everything we do, we try to keep the focus on Christ and His Gospel, so we gave everyone that came to our table a Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tract and a copy of "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True & False Conversion" from Living Waters. All of the students were appreciative of the free gifts and some even seemed interested in working alongside the ministry.

Please pray for those that received the Gospel and pray for more doors to be opened so that many could be reached for Jesus Christ!


Ryan  has been holding meetings every week at a university in Cincinnati to discuss the beliefs of different world religions. The theme has been, “Can all religious beliefs coexist or will they always contradict” and each week deals with a different cult or world religion. There has been a significant interest among the students regarding these messages.

A few professing Atheists even stopped by for a recent lesson and said that they actually learned something! Please continue to pray for the work that Ryan is doing on his campus. If we can reach the youth for Christ, we will reach the nation for God’s glory!


At MCCC Cliff taught 2 classes.  First class was a CCN lesson titled "Atonement". 2nd class was a video on evolution vs creationism. It was a great video the second half of which we will see this next week.  Andre really helped to remind Cliff and Cameron to keep hope.

Here is a picture of Cliff witnessing to a young lady that was very excited to hear the message on the back of this million dollar bill.

Story about a Assistant Campus Leader Cliff

On the way to catch a plane to Dallas this weekend my GPS directed me to a dead-end ("You have arrived at your destination". hmmm???  haha) and we kind of got lost. We ended up at a crowed gas station. We all got out the car and went in. Had a bunch of million dollar tracts and passed them out. While waiting for family EVERY SINGLE PERSON that received a tract came out the store reading the tract! The person in the car next to me sat there and read the whole tract. My family thought it was kind of funny and maybe dangerous. They thought if people see me with all those money tracts they might think it's real and try to rob me for them. I said they wouldn't have to, I'd give them the money for free! Haha!  Mark 16:15 Go!!!


Jen was out witnessing at least 3 days each week.  She was able to spend a day up at IUP with Zane and Matt.  Jen has not been up there in about 2 years.  Jen was able to handout 400 gospel tracts and talked to so many college students up there.  The one young lady  wanted to know if she could keep smoking pot and still be a Christian.  We talked about not being drunk and being sober minded.  This seems to be a new theme that Christians think that it is ok to smoke pot.  Her argument was that it brings her closer to God and makes her feel spiritual.   She also mentioned "Rastafarian" rituals.  I asked her what the rituals had to do with the Bible and she changed the subject.  Ultimately Jen asked her if she should be getting her peace of mind from God for from drugs.  Jen also talked with her about rebeling from God.  Jen does not think she convinced her that she should quit but it is a conversation that  we have more and more often with students that claim to be Christians.


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